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23 February 2020

Difference between AC motor and DC motor

What is an AC motor? 

The AC motor is always driven by alternating current. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by an AC motor. The power source of the AC motor is the current. AC induction motor does not have brushes and low maintenance. But some AC motors have slip rings and brushes to control the speed and provide smooth starting. Speed ​​control in an AC motor is done by changing the supply frequency.

Difference between AC motor and DC motor
AC motor

What is a DC motor? 

DC motor operates on direct current. A DC motor also converts electrical energy into mechanical energy like an AC motor. The power source of a DC motor is the direct current, such that the current we get from the battery is the DC current. We need AC to DC power converter for DC power supply.


Difference between AC motor and DC motor
DC motor

The DC motor has armature binding in the rotor and is equipped with brushes and commutators, due to which more attention is paid to its maintenance. Its switchboard and brush are quickly worn out, due to which its life is reduced. In this, the speed control speed of the armature binding is reduced by more or less.

Difference between AC Motor and DC Motor

1. AC motor runs only on alternating current whereas DC motor runs only on direct current.

2. In an AC motor, the stator is connected to the alternating input supply, on the other hand, in the DC motor both the stator and armature are connected to the DC input supply.

3. Usually the starting torque of AC motor is less while the starting torque of DC motor is found to be higher.

4. AC motor size is smaller than DC motor size.

5. The AC motor cannot be used directly by the battery as the battery has direct current while the AC motor works only on alternating current while the DC motor can have direct use of the battery.

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