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19 February 2020

Schottky Diode

What is Schottky?

The Schottky Diode also knows as the hot barrier diode. Schottky diode is a diode in which the electric current is formed only from majority carriers. This type of diodes is usually used in applications with high frequency. Below shows one example of polymer-based Schottky diode.


It is also known as SCHOTTKY CARRIER DIODE OR HOT CARRIER DIODE. It is used in high switching area, its switching speed is much higher than normal PN junction diode. It is used in digital electronic

It has only one P region and has a metal layer above this region, this layer can be of silver gold or platinum metal.

Working of Schottky Diode

Normal pn junction diodes do not work properly at high frequencies, can deteriorate and ac rectify output is also not correct in high frequencies. Negative pulse also comes in which schottky diode is used to avoid it in any way. 

Normal diodes have p and n regions, p has majority carrier charge holes and minority charge carrier free electrons, similarly it has the opposite in n junction, it has majority charge free electrons and minority charge holes when these diodes are ac source When a positive cycle of ac is added to it, then the holes of p start going to n and similarly the free electrons of n start moving towards p. At this time when the cycle of ac goes into negative then the number of minorities and majority charge in p and n change because the holes are not able to go quickly at the p junction and electron n is not able to move quickly because the depliciation region in the middle This causes a negative current in the output.

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