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20 February 2020

Types of Motor

What is MOTOR ?

A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, as you have always seen that we supply electrical energy to the motor and we get a rotating energy that we are mechanical energy.


What are the types of motor types? 

Generally, you must have heard from everyone's mouth that there are two types of motor. But friends, in reality, the motor is divided into three parts, and if you speak the motor types in the interview, then your interview pass is more than others. 

There are three types of motor 

1. AC Motor 
2. DC Motor 
3. Special Motor

1. AC Motor

The name of the AC motor itself shows that all the motor that comes from the AC supply is called alternating current. AC Motor types are of two types Synchronous motor and Asynchronous motor.


ASYNCHRONOUS MOTOR - Asynchronous motor is also known as induction motor. Induction motor (asynchronous motor) has two types.
 1. Squirrel cage induction motor 
 2. Slip ring induction motor

1. Squirrel cage induction motor-
This is the most used motor, and this motor is used in the engine of the new train. 


2. Slip ring induction motor - 
This motor is a heavy torque motor and it is used in weight lifting, and the special feature of this motor is that the rotor of this motor has a sleeper which helps us to The speed can do much less with ease. Use - Crane


2. DC Motor

Motor consists of all the motors which run from DC supply which is called direct current (DC). Now, like AC motor, DC motor is also divided into some parts.


Motor types Motor types of motor types

The DC motor is divided into four parts.
1. DC Shunt Motors 
2. DC Series Motor
3. DC Compound Motor 
4. DC Permanent Magnet Motor 

1. DC Shunt Motor - The most commonly used motor inside a DC motor is a DC shunt motor. Because this motor is a fix speed (constant speed) motor.
Uses - Lathe machine and clothes making machine (textile weaving m / c)

2. DC Series Motor - This motor is a high floating torque motor. Therefore, we cannot start this motor without load.
Uses - In elevators, cranes and engines of old trains. ** New train engine uses AC Squirrel Cage Motor **

3. DC Compound Motor-This motor is used in very less space.

Uses - The Bhil compound motor is used in the stumping machine and elsewhere in the rolling machine.


4. Permanent Magnet DC Motor - In this motor, the use of magnet magnets, so there is no fill winding in this motor.
Uses - Computer fan, toy car, drone

Special motor

1. Universal motor
2. Stepper motor
3. Servo Motor
4. Brushless DC Motor (Brushless DC Motor)

1. Universal Motor - This motor can run from both AC and DC supplies, the speed of this motor is quite good.
Uses - mixer, drill machine


2. Stepper motor - This motor is used in robots.


3. Servo Motor - This motor is also used in robot like stepper motor, as both these motors are quite accurate. And one thing about servo motor is that to run this motor we have to install VFD, which is called servo motor VFD.


4. Brush less DC Motor (Brushless DC Motor) - This motor is being used in many places today, and the demand for this motor is going to go further, because this motor is very light in weight and along with maintenance of this motor. The lowest of all motors.
This motor is similar to a normal DC motor, just the brush is not used.


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