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05 March 2020

Circuit Breaker

What is Circuit Breaker?

We have to be very careful while doing any work of electricity so that there is no loss of any kind. Similarly, before using any electrical appliance, it is thought about its safety and our safety. That is why a circuit breaker is used on that device. If any type of fault occurs in the device. So that circuit breaker should stop its supply and we can be saved from the damage caused by it.

Circuit Breaker
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A circuit breaker is a single protection switch. Which disconnects the circuit from the supply if the circuit malfunctions. When the switch is turned on or off. So the current at his contact points causes excessive sparking. Causing the contact points to melt and accident with the person operating the switch. Switches used at high voltages are specially made. Those sparking generated on or off is automatically extinguished. This type of special switch is called a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers are made to operate from 5A, 230V to several thousand amperes, 440V. Circuit breakers are mainly of three types.

1. ACB (Air Circuit Breaker)
2. OCB (Oil Circuit Breaker)
3. ABCB (Air Blast Circuit Breaker)

1. ACB (Air Circuit Breaker)


This type of circuit breaker is used for low voltage.This circuit breaker is made using double pole and triple pole.These circuit breakers are manually operated whose terminals move in air, hence they are called air circuit breakers. An overload release coil is attached to the series of poles. This coil is set to a fixed temperature if overload or short circuit be expected to be more than the value set the value of current this coil circuit breaker is to protect the circuit its make you stop.

2. OCB (Oil Circuit Breaker)

This type of circuit breaker is used to turn off or on lines up to high voltage. It is also manually operated. The contact points of these circuit breakers are immersed in oil, so the mobile circuit breaker is used when faults for some reason Is generated and a circuit breaker, sparking is caused by which the oil evaporates and bubbles are generated and when the circ When the tip rejoins, bubbles eliminate the spawning that occurred.


Benefits of oil circuit breaker

1.Oils act as insulators between contact points.
2. Oil kills sparking
3.Oil provides cooling energy by sparking energy which makes contact points cool.

Loss of oil circuit breaker

1.Oil catches fire when hot
2.Oils are heated when vapors are produced which together with air form an explosion mixture.
3. Oil has to be kept clean and its level has to be checked repeatedly.

3. ABCB (Air Blast Circuit Breaker)

Air blast circuit breakers are used to operate at voltages greater than 11KV because the oil circuit breaker at a voltage of more than 11KV is afraid to explode or catch fire, due to the evaporation of oil, so large Air blast circuit breakers are used in large circuits in which air pressure is prevented from forming sparking pressure of 50 to 60 km. Gram is per centimeter. Separate air compressor is installed in the circuit breaker to create air pressure. When the circuit breaker turns the circuit off or on it produces an explosion sound hence it is called air blast circuit breaker. There are mainly three types of circuit breakers.


1. Axial Blast Air Circuit Breaker
2. Radial Blast Air Circuit Breaker
3.Cross Blast Air Circuit Breaker

Benefits of air blast circuit breaker

1. There is no fear of fire due to sparking.
2.The point of contact in them works quickly due to air pressure
3. It does not require much care
4. Their working method is simple

Air blast circuit losses

1. They may contain air leakage
2. Air-compressor requires separate care
3. They are sensitive.


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