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25 March 2020

Dynamo or Generator

Dynamo or Generator

The first discovery or invention of Dynamo or Generator was done by Hippolyte Pixii in 1832. It worked on the principle of Faraday.

How Dynamo or Generator works

When a magnetic flux that changes from a coil is passed, an electric carrying force is created in the coil that causes the current to flow.
The working of Dynamo is easy, it can be understood as if we make a coil of copper wire, then add a led on both the ends of that coil and take a magnet to it and then play it quickly. The burning will keep extinguishing if the same thing is done correctly then the led will always be on
A small dynamo is one that comes out of the DVD and generates electric current when the motor is rotated.


When we conduct electric current flow in a wire near a compass, there is a movement in the compass needle, like moving or moving. If the needle of the compass is rotated or something else is done, then a small amount of current will flow in the nearby wire.

Dynamo or Generator has two types

When Dynamo was created, it used to generate DC current i.e. actually it is called Dynamo, but then Ac generator came. Now there are two types of Dynamo. Both Definition of Dynamo is simple. See below.

DC Dynamo or DC Generator

DC Dynamo is a machine that converts mechanical energy or mechanical energy into a direct current.

AC Dynamo or AC Generator

AC Dynamo is a machine that converts mechanical energy or mechanical energy into AC or alternating current.

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