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25 March 2020

MCC (Motor Control Center)

MCC (Motor Control Center)

MCC Full Form - Motor Control Center. It is usually called the MCC Panel. There are different machines according to the need in the industry. Those machines are powered by electric motors. It means to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. A panel is prepared to run this electrical motor. In which feeders are made according to the capacity of the motor. Where power and control connection is made to the motor. The feeder also operates the motor. And there is also protection of the motor.

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Center Panel

The power voltage level at the Motor Control Center is mostly 440 vac. And the control voltage is 230 or 110 volts. It can be operated both in auto and manual by connecting with PLC and DCS.

MCC Panel Specification

To prepare the MCC Panel, its specification is first prepared. And for that we must have the necessary data.

In the data required to prepare the specification of Motor Control Center panel…

1 - How many motors do we have to operate from the MCC Panel.

2 - The complete list must be made with the capacity of the motor.

3- According to the list of motors, the calculation has to be made about how much hp will be loaded.

4- The MCC panel keeps the incomer breaker and the busbar's capacitance at a total load and a running load.

5- To operate a motor, which type of starter is to be made? Such as DOL, Star Delta, vfd etc ..

6- Which switch gear of the company should be used earlier. It brings a difference to the panel's coast.

7- cable entry top or bottom This is the basis for the creation of mcc room.

8 - Each item used in the panel should have the make catalog number and details of the capacity.

9 - How many gauge and which paint will be applied in the panel, it is also fixed.

10- factory budget and according to our needs can reduce the price.

MCC Panel Components

1. Circuit Breaker -
In the incomer of the MCC Panel, ACB or MCCB is used according to the amperage capacity. Which is installed for power on and protection of Motor Control Center Panel.

 2. Bus Bar -
The section of the busbar is in the top or bottom. There is busbar in that section. The size of the busbar is in terms of amperage capacity. Usually equal to 0.8 square mm is calculated as 1 ampere. The connection of the busbar is with the incoming breaker and the out going feeder.

3. FD Main Switch -
Each feeder has a main switch. It uses sfu mccb mpcb or either mcb. Which is used to power off the feeder.

4. Contactor -
Inside each feeder, there are power connectors based on the capacity of the motor. For example, in DOL Starter, there are three power connectors in Star Delta Starter. In addition, control contactors are also used.

5. Control Transformer
Used for control supply in MCC Panel. Step down transformers are selected based on the value of the control supply. The control supply is usually 230 volts or 110 volts. The entire motor control center panel controls with this control supply. The switches used in the panel are used to energize the equipment such as breaker, contactor, multi function meter, indicator.

6. Over Load Relay -
Relays are used to protect the motor. It has different types of relays. Like a bi metal relay and an MPD motor protection device. MPD is advanced, it has more protection. Each feeder of the MCC Panel is installed. The main job of which is to protect the motor.

7. Timer -
The timer is used in the Star Delta starter. Hence, every feeder will have a timer in its feeder. Its task is to command the delta from the star after 80% speed of the motor.

In addition, components such as earthingbus, control and power wiring, control and power terminal strip, on of trip indication, selector switch, contuse fuse or mcb are in the mcc panel.

IMCC Panel (Intelligent Motor Control Center)

This is an integrated system. Compared to the mcc panel which is good functionality. These panels are not yet popular. But looking at its advanced technology, we can say that this is a future panel.

IMCC works with the best protection and functionality. In this, we get information about more than 30 parameters by combining the parameters and history of the current situation. Which is enough to keep a system functioning without a breakdown. It can work in both auto and manual conditions.

 The PRO-V and PRO-C simocode (Motor Management and Control Systems) used in IMCC make the mcc panel advanced.

PRO-C compact motor management system used in direct on-line starter and reverse / forward.

PRO-V variable motor management system used in the Star Delta starter. It has all the functions of pro-c with additional functions. And according to our requirement, we can also add to it.


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