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07 April 2020

What is Contactor?

A Contactor is an electrical switch. Which we can stop or start by giving electrical supply.

What is Contactor?
Contactor -You must have seen the switches on the switch board of your house. They are mechanical control switches, meaning we have to go to them to turn that switch on or off.

What is Contactor?
Normal Switch
The Contactor is also a switch, but it is an electrical switch. Which we can start or stop by giving electrical supplies from a distance.

What are Contactor Terminals

The Contactor has two types of terminals.

1. Power Terminal
2. Control Terminal

Apart from this, the connector also has a coil terminal.

3. Contactor coil terminal -

 This is a very important point. With this help, we turn the Contactor off.

What is Contactor?
Contactor Coil Terminal

1. All types of connectors must have A1 and A2 terminals, these are used to start the terminal contactor.

2. It is written on all the connectors, what is the coil voltage of that contactor.

3. For example, if written on a contactor (A1 A2- 240AC)
This means, we have to supply 240 voltage to its A1 A2 point. And our connector will start as soon as we supply 240 voltage on A1 A2.

What is power and control terminal

Like I told you that we use the connector as a switch. But if we ever have to drive a motor, then we will need more current-contact contacts.
Because if we add more current to a weak point then that point melts.

Because of this the terminal is divided into two parts.

1. Power terminal and 
2. Control terminal

1. Power Terminal - In this, we add more current passing wire.

What is Contactor?
Contactor Power Terminal

The wire in which more than 2-3 ampere current passes, we switch the wire from the power terminal, that means we turn off.
Such as the supply wire of the motor.

2. Control Terminal - In this we switch the wire with low current.

What is Contactor?
Contactor Control Terminal
For example, if we want our motor to start, then one of our indication lights goes off. With the help of which we know that the motor has started. So at this place we use the point of control. Because Induction lamps do not take much current.

What are NO and NC points?

If you are studying or doing jobs in electrical, then it is very important to understand no nc. Well friends NO NC is quite easy.

What is Contactor?
Contactor NO NC Point
Just like friends have two points if they are not connected, it means that they are open points. And if they are connected, it means that both of them are close with each other.

What is NO Contact?

Full name of NO- Normally Open means that both the points will be far away from each other in normal condition. Meaning if we supply the electrical at one point of NO, then we will not get it at the other point.
What is Contactor?
Contactor NO Point

But if we started the contactor by supplying the A1 A2 point of the contactor. Then it is not a normal condition. Meaning that the condition will not be normal after the contact starts and at that time the supply of one of our NO contacts will be found in the other contact.

What is NC Contact?

Full name of NC- Normally Close
Meaning when our contactor is in normal condition then both our contacts will be connected.
What is Contactor?
Contactor NC Point

NO NC in contactor engineering dost like - if we supply the electric supply at one point of NC then it will continue to meet us at the other point. But when we start the contactor, then our NC contacts which are connected to each other will be far away.

What is Add on Block in Contactor?

Friends, it is used when all the points of our contactor are over and we need some more points, then we add add on block above the contactor.

What is Contactor?
Contactor Add On Block

How Add on Block Works?

Its design is such that whenever the contactor is started, it also operates with the contactor, there are NO NC contacts on top of it. We use these contacts as per our requirement.

Our contractors are also of two types.

1. Power contactor
2. Control contactor

1. Power Contactor - Whenever we have to start the motor, then we use the power contactor. Because I told you that when we have to switch the wire with more current, then we use the power terminal itself.

If we need a control terminal in the power connector, then we add add on block to it.

2. Control Contactor - where we have to do an automatic control of a system, or we use a control contactor to switch the wires, which do not have much current flowing.

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