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08 April 2020

Wind Energy | Wind Power

Wind Power in India - The development of wind power in India started in the 1990s and a lot of development has taken place in a few years. India is ranked 5th in the world in wind energy production.

Wind Energy | Wind Power
Wind Energy | Wind Power

What is Wind Energy? | What is Wind Power?

The energy generated by the flowing wind is called wind power. Air is a source of green energy and renewable energy. To convert air into energy, windmills are installed in ventilated places, by which the kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy with the help of a generator.

Wind Energy | Wind Power
Process of Wind Energy | Wind Power

History of Wind energy? | History of Wind Power?

For centuries, humans have been using air in many of their everyday activities. Two thousand years ago, Chinese and Persian engineers had prepared the first wind mill. Wind Mill so that water could be pumped for irrigation. Towards the end of the 18th century, it was first seen in Europe that wind power was used for agricultural and industrial purposes. The capacity of the initial wind mill was not equal to the present-day wind mill, but the way it helped to increase production at the time, which made them a useful tool.

The modern power generating wind mill came in the late 19th century. During the energy crisis of the 1970s, it was a period when the idea of ​​using Wind Power on a large scale was introduced. In the 1990s, large wind farms began to appear and wind-generated electricity became commercially available.

Other facts related to Wind Energy

1. You will find windmill plants mainly in India at these places - Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal and some other states.

2. About 8% + of the total installed energy capacity in India is derived from wind energy.

3. According to a report, by 2030, 20% of the electricity produced by wind power in the world is possible.

4. Wind-powered plants are expensive and can only be installed where necessary air is available.

Benefit from Wind Energy 

1. Wind energy production is pollution free. Wind energy is one of the few technical options available to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Air or air is available everywhere and is never ending.

3. Wind is available free and in plenty. No country or commercial establishment has a monopoly on air, as it is with fossil fuels, such as oil, gas, or nucleus fuels - such as uranium.

4. Wind power plants have become fully automated and there is no need for more workers to run the plant. They are also completely safe from the point of view of construction and maintenance.

5. Wind power plants do not take up much space and can also be planted in flat flat terrain, hill sichars, forests and deserts.

6. These plants can be easily operated and they are safe, so maintenance needs are very less.

7. Spending on wind energy production is less. It costs only once to set up a wind power plant. No fuel is used to run it.

Environmental problems caused by Wind Energy

1. Noise - This is one of the problems with wind energy. This noise occurs in two ways. One is the mechanical noise and the other is the noise of the leaves that move through the air.

2. Impact on Fauna - Wind power plants frighten the animal bird and kill the birds by killing the plant. The number of bird deaths due to hitting the plant is low.

3. Lack of aesthetic sense - If big towers are erected nearby, they definitely affect the beauty of the natural scenery.

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