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01 April 2020

What is Sensor and Types of Sensor?

What is Sensor and Types of Sensor?

Sensor can be defined as an example device that detects and changes the force, pressure, or any other physical quantity, and sends the data forward.

What is Sensor and Types of Sensor

Types of sensors

There are many types of sensor

1. Photo sensor
2. IR sensor
3. Fingerprint sensor
4. Ambient light sensor
5. Proximity sensor
6. Pedometer sensor
7. Compass sensor
8. Humidity sensor
9. Temperature sensor
10. Accelerometer sensor
11. Pressure sensor
12. Smoke & Gas sensor

Classification of Sensors

1-Analog and Digital sensors
2-Active and Passive sensors

Working of Sensors

The distance presence of an object is detected by the photoelectric sensor. The photoelectric sensor consists of a transmitter that transmit the light beam.
And it receives the light signal by the receiver and detects whether the object is there or not, if it is at a distance, it is most commonly used as a safety in the industry.

Photoelectric sensor consists of a transmitter and a receiver and the place where the machine is operating in the industry.
There is a possibility of danger, there is a photoelectric sensor installed so that if the machine is turned off by accident from any man / operator inside the machine.

Infrarad sonsor is the most used in technology and is more in remote control area.
The range of infrared sensor depends on its magnetic spectrum. Infrared frequency is higher than microwave and visible light

Types of Sensors

1. Proximity Sensor
In Android and OS all smartphones, you can see this Sensor, you can see this Sensor made in Round Shape on the top side in the front of mobile, this Sensor works to measure your physical proximity.
You must have noticed that whenever a call comes on your phone, as soon as you receive that call and place it on your ear, then your mobile display automatically turns off and as soon as you remove it from your ear. So its display becomes on automatically.
The advantage of this is that it reduces your phone's battery usage and there is no call hold and end when you have a mobile touch with your ear and face, this is due to the proximity sensor.

2.Fingerprint Sensor
Many of you will know about Fingerprint Sensor, if we do not know, then we do not tell you about it. Using Fingerprint Sensor, you can unlock the phone with your finger, it saves our finger, that is, the finger print and whenever you touch your finger on this fingerprint sensor, your phone becomes unlocked.
Earlier this version of Fingerprint Sensor was available to us in Apple / Iphone but now this version is available in many Smart Phones.

3.Accelerometer Sensor
The version of Accelerometer Sensor is found in almost all Android phones, it works to rotate the screen of your phone. When you see a video in your phone, it tells the Software Phone that you have caught the phone vertical or Horizontal rotates the phone's screen accordingly.
The job of this software is to control the rotation of the phone. You must have seen the option of Auto Rotate in your phone, when you turn on the option of Auto Rotate, then the degree to which you hold the phone is automatically in the vertical and horizontal mode accordingly.

4. Gyroscope Sensor
This is the Advance Version of Sensor Accelerator Sensor, it works like Accelerator Sensor, so that you can rotate the screen to 360 degrees. It is designed for viewing videos of Version 360 Degree and capturing photos. This is the Advance Version of Accelerator Sensor, so it gives Perfect Information to your phone's software.

5. Hall Sensor 
Hall Sensor is used as a Smart Sensor for Flip Cover When you place a Magnet-made Flip Cover on top of the phone, then you will see that your mobile display is automatically turned off and when you display your phone's display If we remove the cover from it, then the display of the phone becomes on automatically, so how does the mobile know that the cover has been kept or removed from it, it is done by Hall Sensor.

6.Ambient Light Sensor
Ambient Sensor is also called Light Sensor, it is found near the Proximity Sensor in all Smartphones. This Sensor Automatically works to reduce or decrease the Brightness Level of your phone so that if you are in Day Light, it increases your phone's Brightness Automatically.
And when you live in the dark that means Night, it automatically reduces the Brightness of the phone, so that you can see the screen of the incoming phone better, this costs less battery of your phone, which increases the battery life of the phone.

7. Geomagnetic Sensor
Geomagnetic Sensor is also known as Magnetometer, many people do not know about it, you can understand from its name that it works like Magnet. Magnetometer works like a Compass in your phone, if your phone has a Magnetometer Sensor, then you do not need a separate Compass.
From this, you can find directions like East, North, West, South etc. Apart from this, this Sensor is also used to detect Metal. Metal Detect Apps are able to detect Metal from this Sensor only.

8. Infrared Sensor
Infrared Sensor can be seen in all Smartphones nowadays, by using this Sensor, you can use your Mobile to change the Channel of Television by making TV Remote. That is, Infrared Sensor will work like a Universal Remote, by using it, you can use your mobile as a remote control - like TV, DTH, Setup Box, DVD, AC, Home Theater etc. Electric Device operating from any remote You can control with your phone.

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