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02 April 2020

What is diode and its types?


A Diode is a special type of electronic component with two electrodes called anode and cathode. Most diets (semiconductor materials) are made of semiconductor material such as silicon, germanium, or selenium. The smaller the diode is, the larger its function. We can use diodes as Rectifiers, Signal Limiters, Voltage Regulators, Switches, Signal Modulators, Signal Mixers, Signal Demodulators and Oscillators.
What is diode and its types?
Normally, the diode allows the electric current to move in only one direction. When the cathode of the diode connects the terminal to the negative voltage and the anode to the positive voltage, current starts flowing from it and it is called forward bias. And when we connect the anode of the diode to the negative voltage, it does not allow the voltage to go forward which we call reverse biasing and even if we connect the cathode to positive it does not allow the voltage to go and this situation also we reverse Let's do the biking.

What is diode and its types?

Symbol of Diode

There are several types of diodes, which will be explained to you separately below, but what is usually a diode symbol is given below.

What is diode and its types?
Symbol of Diode

As you all know there are many types of diodes, so the symbols of all of them are also different. And these symbols are used to create a circuit diagram where it is shown that it is a diode and what value it is. And in the photo above, you can see that the diode is cylindrical and has a white strip on one side. This means that it is the terminal or the terminal cathode on this side.

Types of Diode

The diodes are placed in different categories according to their work. All diodes have different work and almost all diodes work completely different from each other. Some diodes give light on supply and some diodes give light on supply, so there are different types of diodes, about which the complete information is given below and the symbols are also given.

1. Zener Diode

Zener diode is like a normal diode. But not everyone knows that Zener Diode. We tell you that the live diode allows the current to go to one side like a normal diode, but when the voltage exceeds the Breakdown Voltage, it also allows the current to go in the reverse direction.

What is diode and its types?
Symbol of Zener Diode
Zener diode was invented in 1934 by Clarence Zener. And this was done to avoid immediate voltage pulses. And this diode acts as a voltage regulator.

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2. Light Emitting Diode (LED)

This diode works in converting electrical energy into light energy and was invented in 1968. When it is properly coupled to the voltage supply, the electroluminescence action causes the holes and electrons to reconnect to form the light We make energy. This diode works on the Forward Bias state.

What is diode and its types?
Symbol of L.E.D.
Earlier this diode was used in Inductor Lamp but now it is being used on a large scale and it is used for traffic signal camera flash etc.

3. Constant Current Diodes

This diode is also known as Current Regulating Diode, Constant Current Diode or Current Limited Diode or Diode Connector Transistor. The main function of this diode is to keep the voltage constant at a particular current.

What is diode and its types?
Symbol of  Constant Current Diode

4. Schottky Diode

This diode is made by semiconductor material and metal junction. And this diode is named after the German physicist Walter H. Schottky. It has a low voltage drop and performs very fast switching.

What is diode and its types?
Symbol of Schottky Diode

Due to the metal being in this diode, it has the ability to shed a large amount of current, due to which the switching time in Good is reduced and it can make very fast switching. Because of the semiconductor and metal junction, The voltage in the diode is very less block and the performance of the diode increases therefore this diode is used in high frequency rectifier equipment.

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5. Shockley Diode

The Shockley Diode was a semiconductor diode with a first love layer. This was the first PNPN Diode. Which was invented by William Shockley in the 1950s and also named after William Shockley.
What is diode and its types?
Symbol of Shochley Diode

6. Photodiode

A photo diode is a semiconductor device that converts light into electrical current. This photo produces diode current when photos are absorbed in a photo diode. Response time of photo diode is very short. And they are mostly used for solar power.

What is diode and its types?
Symbol of Photodiode

This diode works exactly opposite to the light emitting diode. And the symbol above it is also a little different from the light emitting diode. Only the arrow marks in it are coming in the same light. Emitting diodes have these marks on the outside.

7. Tunnel Diode

This diode is used to switch very fast where this diode is used where the work is to be done in nano seconds. This diode is invented by Leo Esaki in August 1957, hence it is called Esaki diode.

What is diode and its types?
Symbolic of Tunnel Diode

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