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29 April 2020

What is Electrical Timer? & Connection

What is Electrical Timer?

Electrical Timer is an Electrical device that can be used in any machine such as Motor etc. Turn it off or on after some time. Like we run Motor in Star - Delta Starter first in Star and then after few seconds in the delta, then it is the timer to turn on the delta contactor by turning off the Star Contactor.

What is Electrical Timer? & Connection
Electrical Timer
Let us say 30 sec in the timer. If you put the time, then as soon as the timer gets the supply voltage, the timer star will turn the contactor ON and then 30 sec. After OFF the star will turn the delta contactor ON. A1 and A2 in the timer are the terminal of its coil, in which the coil is magnetized by giving the supply voltage.

Nowadays Electronics Timer arrives, but inside these also Relay is used and Coil of Relay is supplied. Apart from the terminals of Coil, it also has NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed). In which we can make any load ON or OFF by connecting.

Connection of Timer 

What is Electrical Timer? & Connection
Connection of Timer
 Timer's Coil is mostly in 220V AC. Coil wire is added to the terminals A1 and A2. Phase wire is added to A1 and Neutral Wire to A2. Someone Timer has two NOs and two NCs and some have only one NO-NC. A timer that has two NO, NCs has two slots, such that the first slots have a terminal common, a NO, and an NC. In the terminal with common we connect the wire of the supply voltage and we connect the NC with the load we have to run only for some time and we connect the load to the NO terminal after some time. In Timer, you will find Circuit Diagram in Timer to know which are the terminals with Common, NO, and NC or you can check directly with Multi-meter. In this way, you can make connections to any timer.

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