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24 April 2020

What is NO NC? | Push Button

What is NO NC?

There are many types of buttons, but there are two types of Push Button which are used the most.

1. NC - Normally Closed
2. NO - Normally Open

1. NC:- (Normally Closed)

Normally Closed, this button is always ON. If we use this button somewhere, the electricity will go from one point to another point. If we press this button then the power will stop going from one point to another point and when we press it again, then the power will again Will start moving from one point to another point. We use it to turn off the motor in the starter of the motor.
What is NO NC? | Push Button
NC Push Button

2. NO - (Normally Open)

Normally Open button is always closed when we press it. Then it is ON and when we leave it. So it stops the supply again. It is also used in motor starter and is used to start the motor.
What is NO NC? | Push Button
NO Push Button

Push Button Parts

It takes a small button to see a push button but it consists of three different things.

1. Push Button - This is a plastic button that we can press and there is a spring inside it which pulls the button back outwards once pressed.

2. Base - The Base push button is used to connect more elements. Both Push Button and Element are set to base.

3. Element - This is the special part of the button, it does all the work, due to which the circuit is turned on or off.

Where is a Push Button Used?

You can find the use of push button in almost every electronic device. If you do not know which electronic device uses the push button, then below is given a list.

1. Mobile
2. Calculator
3. Laptop
4. Motor starter
5. Game controller
6. Computer mouse
7. Keyboard

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