About us

hi welcome,
I am Satish Rathore your engineering dost. if you want contact with me comment in any post..  thank you for supporting us.

Some information about us

Hello very welcome to "ELECTRICAL CURRENT AND VOLTAGE". It is an online information service provided by ELECTRICAL CURRENT AND VOLTAGE web site.
First of all, we would like to tell you that all the posts on this site will be in English language, all the posts about electrical on this site will be found whose knowledge a good electrician and engineers should have.

Our main objective-

Our main objective is to provide electrical information to those people who do not belong to technical education, it is very important to have technical education in today's age. It is very important to have some information related to electricity in our everyday life. It is important to keep every person so that he can save his time and money by using it when needed and become very important on your life can also save from accidents.

What service we provide -

Through this blog, we provide basic information about electricity to common people, how to use electrical appliances, their maintenance, etc. and in this we tell about the safety of electricity.

Main reason-

It is a well-known fact that the present era is a scientific era in which new technologies and devices are constantly developing. According to this sequence of development, the courses of professional and technical education are being changed from time to time and it is very important that in today's era, not only the electric car but almost all the people must have knowledge related to electricity is. That is why we started writing this blog. We aim to provide some information related to electricity in our everyday lives to almost every person who could not get technical education so that they can use it in future when needed.

Who are I-

My name is Satish Rathore. I am an  electrical engineer myself, so I find it very easy to write this blog.
I am confident that the blog instructors I wrote will benefit the students and the electrical business artisans reading this blog from today.
Although every effort has been made to keep the presentation of the block free, if any error remains, then the Faculty instructors and teachers are requested to comment by pointing to them so that they can be corrected in the new version.

Name:- Satish Rathore
Qualification:- B.E. Completed
Job Profile:- Electrical Maintenance Engineer
Location:- Indore( Madhya Pradesh) ( India)